Thursday, November 1, 2012

BPAG - Brazzers Premium Account Generator

Another fun tool for you out there, guys. ;)
BPAG is a free tool used to create unlimited amounts of Brazzers premium accounts.
All you need to do is run the software, choose the type of membership you want, and click "Create".
BOOM! - You got an account of your own, for FREE!

Pretty simple, right?

Currently only supports Brazzers, sorry but I haven't had enough time to play around, but as soon as I'm done with my project, I promise I'll code an AIO generator for 10+ porn sites.

  • Blackmarket value: $20
  • Completely undetectable (accounts are perfectly safe and anonymous)
  • In-built autoupdater
  • 2 day free Trial membership
  • 1 month free Premium membership
  • 3 months free Premium membership

MD5 Hash: 349c71dd9ee64222d43e7157d141628f
File Name: brazporn-exe

This software is private and you wont find it elsewhere, however, if you do, please be so kind and notify me about it, as I do NOT allow distribution of this program without my personal consent.

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