Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Zynga Games Hack Released - Zyngalicious

10 Most Popular Facebook Games in 2012:

One of the most addictive features of Facebook is the obsessive games it brings for it users. Researchers have discovered that 53% of Facebook users have played at least one game on Facebook while 20% users play on a daily basis. Social gaming is a lucrative business these days. It is a good way of advertising your services and promoting your business fan page as well. Several application developers like Zynga, Rovio and Mensing are exploiting the craze of social media by developing addictive games. Zynga alone has a total of 200 million players engaged on its various games.
Even though most of the games on Facebook can be played free of charge, the average user spends about $50 per year of real money on premium upgrades. The popularity of a game or app on Facebook can be gauged by its Daily Average Users (DAU). That is why it is essential for games developers to know the social media analytics of their apps. With accurate diagnostics of their game apps, developers can focus on how to improve a user’s gaming experience.

1. Words With Friends

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 7,800,000

2. CityVille

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 7,800,000

3. Texas HoldEm Poker

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 7,000,000

4. Hidden Chronicles

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 6,300,000

5. CastleVille

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 6,200,000

6. Bubble Witch Saga

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 5,900,000

7. FarmVille

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 5,100,000

8. Tetris Battle

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 4,200,000

9. Diamond Dash

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 4,100,000

10. Zynga Slingo

Developer: Zynga
Daily Average Users: 3,600,000

Zyngalicious - What does it do?

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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