Saturday, June 16, 2012

[GET] FREE +1500 of Steam games [FREE]

Hey guys. Sorry for not updating my blog, I've been busy for a while but now I'm back again! :)

Okay, this time I'm sharing a cracked Steam for you.

Everything's just as same as regular Steam, only with free games.
This is a new release and cannot be found elsewhere. I'd also appreciate if you wouldn't share it around, because it would soon become useless if they find out about it. It's illegal, after all. ;)
So, if anyone asks you where you got it, kindly refer them to this location.

My Steam games list

I've noticed only a few visitors have downloaded this, tho there have been many more viewing it. I would like to encourage everyone and point out that there's no need to buy a Steam game you want to play when there's a tool like this one. All it takes is to install it.

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