Thursday, October 20, 2011

CyaxPoints Xbox Live Points Generator - Update!

Hello my dear followers!
I'm sorry to inform you that my best and most famous product CyaxPoints had stopped working. There is more than one reason to it. The main reason was because Xbox Live database servers have been updated recently, and the protection was impossible to bypass with CyaxPoints. The program fails to connect to any of their database servers. You may have also noticed that our good friends from YouTube have removed my CyaxPoints video due to copyrights violation and inappropriate content (I obviously got no copyrights on Alexandra - Mr. Saxobeat, which was the audio background of my video lol). I assure you this will in no way restrict or stop me from keeping my customers satisfied!

Now about the update I wanted to tell you about. You're gonna love this!
CyaxPoints is getting it's first update! Yes, in a few days I will release the update!
Main features added will be:
1. You no longer have to enter your account login info to use the program, you can simply login to your Xbox Live account in your browser, and start adding points right away!
2. Xbox Live database servers "improved" protection (lol) - bypassed!
3. Brand new design!

That's right! Xbox tried to stop us and failed miserably! You'll be able to add infinite amounts of points again!

Another update for you.
For the past 3 weeks I've been working on a new secret project: CyaxBlast Xbox Live Blaster.
This is something yet unseen on the online market of best products ever!
Have you been banned from Xbox? Tried and tried with all those fail hacks, bypass methods, glitches and all of the rest bullcrap you can find online nowdays... and no effects. How many videos on YouTube have you watched, all saying "this is a cool software, DOWNLOAD NOW!" and turned out to be total crap or fraud or virus backdoored when you downloaded them... Time and work wasted.
CyaxBlast is a new generation software, an ultimate Xbox users essentiality, the most powerful Xbox ban remover yet to be seen in the gaming world! Usual "unban" software are designed to exploit database glitches and try to remove your account from the long list of banned users. Doesn't apply to CyaxBlast!
Blasters are new type of tools, something yet unseen, and you will get an exclusive chance to be among the world's first users who didn't only try to get their accounts unbanned and failed, but actually blasted their banned accounts and removed the ban penalty!
I will need a few more days to finish this project and you will get notified about the release date soon enough.

Aside to these two projects, I have been working on yet another cool software, which unlocks the most useful and most wanted feature of your Xbox Live account - Lifetime Membership! The software is still in process of coding and development, and require a little bit more time than even I expected, therefore I will be informing you about it when I find the time is appropriate. If you would like to help me by providing me with a small donation, you may contact me via email at cyaxhf@gmail.com. I would be more than grateful to you, as time and resources I use to create my products cost me a lot already, especially this product.

Stay tuned!

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